A Complete Platform to Grow Property Inventory

There's nothing more valuable to a property management company than your inventory of properties. A new property is worth more to a vacation rental company than a hundred bookings! With so much property changeover happening now, there's no better time to invest in increasing your inventory.

As property managers ourselves, we know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to reach out to new homeowners and show them the value of our company. Over the years, we've developed many useful tools and successful methodologies ourselves to efficiently and successfully acquire new properties.

County public property records are not designed for ease of use, and quite frankly can be overwhelming to deal with. OwnerPoint makes this data navigable, and appends the data to make it even more useful.

From there, our proposal tool makes impressive and customizable revenue projections as easy as a few clicks. Add in our marketing and CRM services for effective turnkey property acquisition campaigns.

  • Easy Tagging and list building with appended county records data
  • Beautiful Pro Forma Rental Projections using our Proposal Tool
  • Efficient and User-Friendly CRM with industry-specific templates
  • Turnkey direct mail campaigns to homeowners and digital retargeting


Find and Close the Right Homeowners 

Property management companies now can use the power of county records data combined with reliably appended phone, email, and social profile data to find the right homeowners for their next homeowner acquisition campaign with OwnerPoint. We go beyond the data to give you the tools you need to run successful campaigns and close new homeowners with our Proposal Tool, CRM, and Marketing Services.


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