rich local content integrated with social media

    Turnkey Local Content and Social Media Platform

    • $350 per month
    • $1000 One-Time Setup Fee
    • 20 Blog Posts Per Year
    • Social Media Integration
    • Market-Specific Content
    • Dining, Activity and Real Estate Guides


    Use Local Content for Big Reach

    Travelers are interested in learning about the destination to which they are considering spending their vacation - whether it's their first time, or their regular repeat visit. Once the decision on a location has been made, finding lodging follows shortly afterwards.

    We develop local "Escape Guides" for each of the destinations in which we have an Exclusive Local Partner. Escape Guide websites are content-rich, with fresh and timely articles, reviews, and more. This provides visitors with a reason to engage early in the travel planning process through direct social media integration. They are directly integrated into the local microsites as well.

    We are now offering our Escape Guides as a standalone service for marketing destinations we are not currently serving on Rentalz. Get our service previously reserved for our exclusive local partners for a monthly fee.

    The Exclusive Local Partner in each destination benefits from the local turnkey Escape Guide which includes ongoing content creation, promotion and publishing through social media channels. Here's what we do for our Escape Guides:

    • Create the website and establish Social Media integration 
    • Hire and supervise the content creators and ensure that content is on point
    • Collaborate with our partners for input on content
    • Promote market-specific content through digital marketing channels

    It's a virtual turn-key solution.

    Examples of local Escape Guides: